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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Back to Dead again
Well yeah back to take a look at this dead blog :(
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 10:30 AM
Sunday, December 13, 2009
Revived !!
A fresh new blog today,
prepared 2 chix to debone, father thought me from scratch.
Once a good food, always a good cook.
Precisely learnt deboning, quite challenging.
Now gonna meet HER again, going her hse study catering science...
Ok i guess thats all i gtg sot!


In my heart, it pricks
In your heart, it feels
In future, u shines
Your smiles makes my day...
And forever we will stay.
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 2:44 AM
Monday, June 29, 2009
Holiday Break!
A big thank you to chef Catan Tan!
Believe in urself ! AYE!
Class pic with Catan Tan , sadly not to be found in the pic T.T

Lastly , days passes very fast...
Hope to treasure my time well...
Lol gotta get use to my new chef!

Reality CS ;) has scribbled 3:49 AM
Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Days in SHATEC!
It's fun having understanding people in shatec.
My class 409A was hilarious.
Chefs Kelvin Soo & Catan tan were very humourous
Though at times they are very strict too.
Anyways ,
I'm having such great journey to start ahead of me at this critical moment of my life
Greater challenge to overcome and learning to be a HOST in shatec!
Lastly , tommorow is going to be my first day in kitchen work!!
Working hard for it !
Cheers !!!
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 2:35 AM
Monday, March 30, 2009
Last sunday, had lunch at Ngee Ann city , takashimaiya.
Imperial Teochew Cuisine. Dine in about $200+
Food were nice & delicious
Chocolate Truffle bought from my mother's supplier
Here's some pictures taken & sent by adeline

Lol adeline on the 3rd picture , ur mouth like goldfish HAHA!
Anw wish ah gong Chang ming bai sui!!!
Huat AH!!!
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 4:04 PM
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Well!! DEAD BEAT!!
I went my uncle's company to help & learn from the chef he hired.
Well he's very humourous & we're going for chinese cuisine!!
Chef charles was teaching me & my uncle but i'm halfway dozing off ...
After every thing , i managed to take some pictures of a few dish ...
Juz came back at 4pm =.='' Slp till now ...
Here's the dishes that's presented by Chef Charles , Starting with ...

1)Roasted Chicken with Soy Sauce

My comment: Tender chicken, main thing i must say is the sauce , it's incredibly nice , managed to ask the chef how he made the sauce he brought , cooked with chicken liver , pork tongue , eggs , seaweed , and pressed bean curd. I was like WOW SO MANY! But still ★★★★★ for this dish!

2)Egg Dumplings

My comment:Wrapped up with ground pork idk wad is it ... but taste not bad . Sauce - sesame oil , black pepper , cooking wine . Chef charles told me that the wrapping part is the most important part , needs alot of practice. My cousins say very nice , keep on eating -.-'' Hmm i'll give ★★★★ for it!

3)Fried Vege with Mushroom

My comment:I loved this dish very much , mushrooms with oyster sauce !!! BUT after eating ,
i felt very thirsty due to too much of hua diao jiu put by ME LOL! Anyway ★★★★★ for my favourite !!!

Last but not least ,
Thanks - 2nd uncle , Chef Charles & help me wash plates derh workers LOL!
I'd cause alot of trouble in the kitchen -.-'' Qing duo duo bao han !!! TY !!!
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 3:10 AM
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Short post for today,
WOW is nice though complicated -.-
Had a noob account named ''Depez"
Hunter , going for hybrid build idk yet LOL.
I'll post again tmr but tmr whole day out ...
Going shatec with yc again , then head to bedok
& to vivo to meet mj yr & ethan ...
Reality CS ;) has scribbled 5:49 AM
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